I've been competiting in print competition since I started my business.  This helps me grow as an artist but also I gain merits towards earning my Masters degree through PPA (Professional Photographers Association).  I enter in our State competitions at our annual Montana PPA convention competing against many talented photographers from around the state.  I also enter at the National level (Professional Photographers of America) competiting with talented photographers from around the world - around 5,000!

I've been honored with many awards since 2007 and have also received Montana Top 10 Photographer award in 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015 & 2016

I received the Presidential Achievement Award from Montana Professional Photographers Association in 2013

I received my Service Award in 2012 for my participation with the Montana Professional Photographers Association and also serving on the Board of Directors

In 2014 I received my Fellowship Degree with Montana Professional Photographers Association.  This award is presented for demonstrating exceptional technical knowledge through educational presentations, artistic photographic  exhibits and executive service to the MPPA.

In 2014 one of my images hung at the National convention - meaning it made it through Judging & competiting against 5,000 others and was on display at the National convention. I also received Merits towards my Masters.